Please see the Notice of Assignment for Trans-Continental Wholesale, Inc. Please be aware the firm, Trans-Continental Wholesale, has filed an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors, a state level insolvency proceeding similar to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. In Florida, it is ยง727.101-727.116. It is a complete liquidation of the company. Michael Moecker & Associates, Inc. is our appointed fiduciary of the court. In this particular proceeding they are what is termed an Assignee, the equivalent to a Bankruptcy Trustee. I have attached a Notice of Assignment, the official court notice and mailing performed when a company files, as well as a proof of claim form in case your entity was owed any money.

We are very sorry to all of our valued customers.

We are sad that we had to come to this decision. This was the result of circumstances beyond our control, namely GSA's implementation of FSSI (Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative). FSSI Mandates that all Contractors in all 60 Government Agencies, and Sub-Agencies purchase from these select elite BPI Vendors. This FSSI Directive is clearly bankrupting hundreds of small businesses and making several Fortune 500 companies FAT with extreme profits. Although we are not alone, we will truly miss our valued customers.

We have enjoyed a long and (in good times) prosperous relationship with you all. We will miss you very much as business associates, but we hope to remain friends with many of you.

All of the Company's assets have been assigned to Philip J. Von Kahle, as Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors. Mr. Von Kahle's contact information is below, in case you have any further questions.

Philip von Kahle
Executive Vice President
Michael Moecker and Associates
3613 North 29th Avenue
Hollywood, FL 33020
Phone: 954-252-1560
Fax: 954-252-2791

Please see the "Notice of Assignment" as well as "Proof of Claim Form". As Trans-Continental merely liquidated all assets, attempting not to let any of this fall on any of her vendors or customers, if you feel you are owed anything, please feel free to fill out this form and


JUNE 21, 2013

What is FSSI?

Per GSA, Thirteen of these BPAs were awarded to small business entities, Pool Two comprises of three companies that provide full office supply catalogs; namely Office Depot and Staples.

FSSI has succeeded in reducing 500 Schedule Contract Holders to a hand selected just 15 Companies (two of them being Office Depot and Staples) This has caused MAJOR hardships for these other businesses.

FSSI is causing immeasurable damage to small business, the prime engine for economic growth.

GSA implements FSSI

Per GSA, it has been determined Schedule 75 will remain closed to new offers for an additional 12 months.

FSSI Extended for Another 2 Year Period


If you would like to do your part to defend small business, PLEASE, we urge you to leave your comments here.

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